A Practical Approach to Designing and Building Microservices

First — Why Do Microservices Matter?

Almost everything in modern life is, in some way, impacted by computing and computer software. Debilitating software development backlogs are…

How a Microservice Works

What Is a Microservice and Why Should We Care?

The microservice architectural pattern provides…

How to Make Implementing Cloud-Native Applications Easier

Spring Boot Is the Most Popular Way to Build Microservices Applications

What Kinds of Issues Do Microservices Address?

The microservice architectural pattern addresses some of today’s more pressing software development, deployment, and operational…

Why We Do Things the Way We Do

Photo Courtesy of Erik Bright

High-Performance, Economical Center Console Skiff

What Are the Performance Implications?

Wishful Thinking and Self-Delusion Are Not the Solution

Dick Dowdell

A US Army Vietnam War veteran with a wonderful wife and family, I’m a software architect and engineer who also loves building and messing about in boats.

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