A Message to Republican Leaders

Trump and Trumpism Are the Lineal Descendants of McCarthy and McCarthyism — What Will You Do About It Now that Trump Has Lost?

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Despite his specious bleating, Donald Trump has lost his bid for reelection. Will you let him take the Country and the Republican Party down with him? Trump’s legal and political mentor was Roy Marcus Cohn, an American lawyer best known for being Senator Joseph McCarthy’s chief counsel during the Army–McCarthy hearings in 1954, for assisting with McCarthy’s theatrical hearings on suspected communists, and as his top political fixer. Trump learned his political perspectives at the knee of an evil master — win at any cost, even the destruction of our Republic.

Senator Mitt Romney, the previous presidential candidate of the GOP, has said, “Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the American people and overturn the election.” The fact that Romney is a minority voice among Republican leaders will leave a stain on the party that will last for years. As a lifelong Republican, I have to ask “Whatever happened to Republicans as the adults in the room?” I am unlikely to trust the Republican Party ever again.

In Dante’s great poem the Inferno, the neutrals, those who in this world had never taken a side, occupy the mouth and vestibule of Hell. There they swirl unceasingly in clouds of red sand, their faces bitten by wasps and hornets. They pursue in a blind fatal way a flag which never stays for a moment in one place.

Dante denies them the moral dignity of a place even in hell itself. “Heaven will not have them, and the deep Hell receives them not lest the wicked there should have some glory over them — lest the wicked, looking at these neutrals, should be able to feel that there were souls worse than themselves.”

And what was the sin of these neutrals? Simply this: through cowardice, they had never taken a stand against evil. They had spent God’s precious moment, their lives, watching which way the wind was likely to blow — too afraid to take a chance and do what was right.

In the midst of a very real global pandemic, America is in crisis. We are in desperate need of a smooth transition to the new administration. The outgoing administration’s attempts to spread disinformation, sow doubt about the fairness of the election, and deny the resources, specified by law, needed by the transition team are unconscionable and will cost American lives and threaten our national security. Honorable Republicans will not stand quietly, but will stand against Trump’s rants and petty vindictiveness. What kind of Republican will you be?

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