Actually, Michael, I’m a lifelong Republican — unlike Trump. I’m also a combat veteran and a trained Biological Warfare officer. Please make the effort to check your facts on COVID-19 statistics. You might want to cross check Fox. Trump is either lying or willfully ignorant in his pandemic briefings.

You are certainly entitled to your own opinions — but not to your own facts. We would not now have over 165,000 deaths with the statistics you quote and, among current hot spots, are states with Republican governors like Florida and Georgia. You say that the pandemic is a blue state problem, while red states (with a few exceptions) are the ones currently experiencing a rapid growth in infection rates. A global pandemic should not be a political issue.

Your fearless leader has treated the very real global pandemic as a political threat aimed at Donald J. Trump:

  1. When he took office, disbanded the White House pandemic management infrastructure that had been created to combat epidemic diseases like Ebola, SARS, and Zika.
  2. Initially labeled the Corona-virus as a hoax.
  3. When that stopped working, said that it was not dangerous and would go away on its own.
  4. Has consistently treated the pandemic as a political issue, not a public health issue (the absolutely first time a President has done that).
  5. Assigned critical pandemic logistical support management to his inexperienced and highly-political son-in-law.
  6. Misrepresented the availability of critical equipment like respirators.
  7. Misrepresented the availability and timeliness of COVID-19 testing.
  8. Misrepresented the COVID-19 statistics — adjusted for population, Germany has 20% of the deaths that have occurred in the U.S. Germany’s infections peaked in April (and are now at a consistently low level) while ours are setting new records every day.
  9. Irresponsibly mused about dangerous COVID-19 treatments on national TV.
  10. Muzzled the public health and infectious disease experts on his staff for stating their professional opinions.
  11. Has set up a separate pandemic reporting mechanism and directed hospitals to no longer report data to the CDC, a blatant attempt to hide unpleasant facts.
  12. Has yet to establish critical, nationwide, policies and standards for combating the pandemic, when epidemics have no respect for state borders.

By failing to effectively combat the pandemic, he has doomed any chance of a timely economic recovery — achieving the very thing he feared the most. The only places where economies are actually recovering are those nations that focused on bringing the pandemic under control before resuming semi-normal behavior. And no, Michael, the stock market is not the economy. Things like GDP and employment rates are better indicators. How I long for the time when Republicans actually understood responsible economics and finance.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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