Because Democrats have a history of turning a winning hand into a losing one, perhaps intentionally is true and it’s often because of well-meaning people like you who cannot face the cruel realities of politics and life and choose to cling to their storyline regardless of the facts in front of them.

I’m not a Democrat but I share most of their aspirations for our country and I consider today’s GOP an existential threat to representative democracy. Since the 1930s, the Achilles heel of the Democratic has been its left. Well-meaning people who’s belief in their rightness is so strong that they cannot face the fact that the majority of their party and the majority of the electorate don’t quite agree with them.

Rather than realizing that half a loaf is better than none, they’re always reaching a little too far for the rest of the electorate and bringing the party down. In my opinion, disgruntled Sanders supporters failed to support the party in 2016 and let Trump win. Bernie learned his lesson from that and the ticket won in 2020. Now the left, secure in their belief that the majority of Americans agree with them, will make the Democrats squander the tiny Congressional majority they have and make sure that the Democrats lose the midterms. Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.

My highest priority is to see the threat from the GOP ended once and for all. Anything less risks democracy itself. The GOP should have died when Newt Gingrich was Speaker, but right-wing talk radio and Fox saved them. They played to people’s ignorance, fears, and selfishness — historically a sure thing. One of the tools they used is the caricature of the left that the left keeps playing to, not against.

Speaker Pelosi is of my generation and has seen first-hand the history I’ve seen. She is a skilled and hard working expert in her field. Right now her biggest problem is a noisy and self-righteous left — mostly the young who haven’t lived the history.

“I’m not a member of an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” -Will Rogers-

J.J., have a good life. Obviously, I cannot help you.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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