Do you actually believe the idiocy you write? I pity you if you do.

If the pandemic ended today, it would still take a long time for the economy to recover, and the pandemic is not going to end anytime soon except in Trumpist fantasies. Not only are the employment numbers questionable, but the changes are minuscule in relation to the overall unemployment numbers.

If you actually knew anything of economics, you would understand that the stock market bears only an accidental relationship to the real economy, which requires real people to be able to buy real things. Those real people have had their financial reserves stripped away and will not suddenly be able to buy all the goods and services they need.

You've obviously never managed a business or you'd know that re-hiring employees, re-establishing relationships with suppliers and customers, who have also been hard hit, will not happen quickly — any more than all the cars in a traffic jam can begin to move simultaneously.

Finally, you may have noticed that those red states that have rushed to reopen social and business activity too soon are experiencing a serious resurgence in infections. That will also drastically slow any chance of an early economic recovery. The virus does not care about anything as illogical as ideology in its pre-programmed drive to reproduce itself by making itself as contagious as possible. Bringing the pandemic under control is an absolute requirement for economic recovery and all the self-delusion and wishful thinking in the world cannot change that inconvenient fact.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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