I’m sorry, J.J., but I believe that you are letting your passion overwhelm your logic. Though you and I may agree that the current Republican Party is anti-democratic, almost half the voters in America disagree with us — and view us as a threat to democracy. As deluded as I believe they are, it is not our right to disenfranchise them. Their representatives have a right to vote in Congress and our representatives have the right to oppose them — as long as neither violates the laws and the Constitution.

Mitch McConnell has demonstrated a willingness to block the Senate from voting on bills that he opposes. That may be immoral, but it violates neither the rules of the Senate nor the Constitution. The Constitutional remedy for that is in the hands of the voters. The voters took away McConnell’s Senate majority and much of his obstructionist power. Hopefully, we will use that wisely.

Speaker Pelosi has a narrow majority in the House and voters took away some of that majority this term. Nancy Pelosi has a choice. She can emulate McConnell and abuse that majority power, further straining the spirit of democracy — or she can use that power constructively and demonstrate to the electorate that the Democrats respect democracy and can be trusted with the reins of power. There is nothing immoral or weak in seeking consensus as long as one does capitulate to it. It can be good politics.

Politics is the art of compromise in a representative democracy. The no compromises, take no prisoners, brand of politics we have been seeing is polarizing and weakening democracy. Anything Speaker Pelosi can do to change that as she moves positive legislation through the House is worthwhile. You and Lauren vastly overestimate the political support progressives have in America. Most voters are closer to the middle and many fear the left. Please don’t drive them to the right.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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