J.J., excellent response!

Engaging with the opposition is not propping it up. The Trumpists currently control the levers of power in the Republican Party. I have no idea if the GOP can be restored to sanity. In my opinion, Trumpists are fascists and many really do believe their own false propaganda (Ted Cruz believes only in personal power). They are not the majority of the GOP voters but they do control the majority of the state party apparatus which ultimately determines who gets to run for office. Inevitably, without effective opposition, political parties become corrupt. Our enemies make us stronger. Pelosi understands that.

I believe that you are mistaken about what the majority of Americans support:

  • A small majority of Americans probably supports universal health coverage (I do), but not necessarily Medicare for All. I tend to favor the Swiss solution. Elizabeth Warren’s brief support of MfA, before she thought about the mechanics and side effects, ended her chances for the nomination. Millions of dollars have been spent to sow fear of changing the unworkable status quo.
  • You are probably correct about marijuana.
  • I’m for campaign finance reform (probably our most pressing issue), but how would you implement it after the Citizens United ruling — especially with current Congressional incumbents benefitting from the status quo? It’s a tough problem that needs to be solved.

Nothing in government (or any large organization) is easy. Even when you can get agreement on goals and objectives, it is almost impossible to get agreement on how to achieve them. Everyone has opinions and self-interests that get in the way — and today enormous amounts of money are spent on media to support the self-interests of groups. For far too many people, good government is that which benefits them personally, not what is best for the nation — if they even vote at all. Most people want government to be fair, but their perception of “fair” is usually skewed in their own favor.

My recurring issue with Progressives is not with what they want, but with their naivete about how to make it happen. Medicare for All is an excellent example.

Most of my career has been spent designing and building large complex software systems. I’m paid well to make things work — when more than half of all software projects fail. This is what I want for America and what I think is broken.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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