Thank you for your well-considered response. I appreciate the effort. Though I trained as a biologist at Brown, after my Vietnam service I got into computer software. In the Army and in business I learned to manage large organizations. Trump could have been the hero in this pandemic, but his own failings as a manager and as a human being have created nothing but an exercise in self-delusion and wishful thinking - costing the lives of thousands of American's and deepening the divisions that are tearing the nation apart.

Trump was not a successful businessman, he was a real estate promoter who cheated almost everyone he did business with. Trump is not a Republican (I'm 4th-generation) he is an opportunist who has no value system beyond perceived self-interest. He has turned the GOP into the party of white grievance. I learned, in combat, how dangerous such people are. He inherited a long-running economic expansion and temporarily accelerated it with a huge un-Republican giveaway that succeeded in running up the national debt while little trickled down to the very people whose suffering got him elected.

He gives lip service to religion and national defense while his lack of sincerity and actions have diminished both. You say the he has mobilized the bio-medical industries to fast track vaccines. Having spent considerable time consulting in big pharma, I do understand how highly motivated they can be when unlimited money is waved under their noses. I have also seen how badly managed they are and the shortcuts they are willing to take if the money is tempting enough.

The moral failures of Trump concern me in two related areas: 1) will vaccines be rushed out without proper testing and trials (which can only be accelerated so much), and 2) how will this inept administration manage the enormous logistical challenge of distribution and delivery of vaccines once they are available.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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