The “lines of code” productivity argument is naive at best. After 40+ years in the real world of commercial software development, I’m not about to be fooled. I use Python to teach programming and to do trivial things for which I once used older scripting languages. Lines of code have never been a meaningful measurement of programming productivity and coding is at most 10% of the cost of developing software. Choosing a programming language solely upon how concise it is will most likely be counter-productive.

The author’s Conclusion clearly states the major arguments for using Java over Python when developing enterprise, distributed, and cloud-enabled applications. The enormous, mostly open source, ecosystem available to Java developers has far more impact upon the lines of code to be written than any economies resulting from the concise syntax of Python. Also, Java’s strong typing is absolutely necessary for developing reliable systems. The modern Java IDE’s templating and code completing editors overcome much of Java’s perceived verbosity, while identifying coding errors and potential bugs as one types.

I’m a US Army veteran of the Vietnam War, have a wonderful wife and family, am a working software engineer, and a committed citizen.

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