There are non so blind as those who refuse to see. I was a life-long conservative Republican, but when you look at the facts, they're not pretty.

Pre-pandemic, the current administration foisted a tax cut for the ultra rich on us by throwing a few crumbs to the middle class - running annual deficits that no true Republican would ever tolerate.

The current administration brags about employment statistics that are a simple extension of the growth rate of the previous administration - with no measurable uptick.

The current President has no concept of the truth and appears to lie by reflex.

The current administration has been unable to exhibit any competence in managing the current pandemic and the President's trusted medical advisor is a neuroradiologist, with absolutely no experience in public health or infectious diseases, who promotes a veterinary medicine concept of "herd immunity" that would deliberately sacrifice more than a million American lives to achieve. A theory that will probably not work at all with the rapidly mutating virus that causes COVID-19.

The list goes on and on. How any thinking human being, especially a rational Republican, can tolerate this is beyond my comprehension.

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