What I have difficulty understanding is the all or nothing, take no prisoners, attitude of the left. Though the corrupting influence of money in politics has horribly distorted our nation’s financial system, there is an enormous difference in degree between the two parties. The GOP is shameless in its theft from the middle class, while the Democrats are at least embarrassed by it. We have infinitely more leverage with the Democrats in power than with Trumpism.

The left has a lot of work to do to educate the electorate before its agenda has any chance passing. Bernie, as articulate as he is, scared away too many voters to win the nomination of the center-left party. Do you really expect the left to win a nationwide election without help from the middle? How’s that been working?

The far right has spent the last 20 years selling its absurd world view and selling the myth that it’s the poor who have stolen the prosperity of the middle class — not the ultra-wealthy who really stole it. Rather than whining and complaining, the left needs to sell their far more reasonable explanation. It’s hard work and could take 20 more years, but what the left is doing now hasn’t worked.

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